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Rave, Guzzle & Gorge

is having a party at

Fox Studios

Saturday 16th July 8pm start

The Fox & Lion

1st Floor, No.1 Bent Street.

LOOK and don’t miss out on the DISCOUNT $10 per person before 9pm

only $15 thereafter (still fantastic value) 

The Fox & Lion is located opposite the Hordern Pavilion

Parking is very affordable at $6 flat fee to 2am 

Our DJ extraordinaire PANOS

will play the very best in music for both listening and dancing. 

We pride ourselves in putting in extra effort to make our events the best they can be.

Our aim is to provide even numbers of males to females, 

therefore......BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL! Limit of 270 people



We will ALWAYS reply to your e-mail, If YOU DO NOT GET A REPLY to your e-mail,  

call us 9560 9366 Mobile: 0412 075 076


Should you meet someone special at one of our events and you have not exchanged phone numbers,

contact us and we will happily express your interest.

So put on your dancing shoes and join us!


Sofie & Peter





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