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The founders of PASSIONet have been in the business of matchmaking for more than 10 years.

We have decided to move with the times and create the PASSIONet dating site for you.

Our commitment is to provide our customers with service that is second to none.

With today's fast paced lifestyle, time is precious. Save time and utilise the advantages of the Internet to find your dream partner.

Many successful relationships have been formed through Internet Dating.

Internet Dating is today's modern method of meeting people.
This is your opportunity to meet people that may become life-long friends.

Your forever-after, your next date or your new best friend may already be listed with PASSIONet. Or they may be listing tomorrow.

When you have registered with PASSIONet you are going to experience the journey of a lifetime.

Once you have completed a search for the person you are looking for you can contact them by e-mail anonymously and only reveal your personal details when you feel comfortable to do so.

None of your personal details are revealed when you correspond on our PASSIONet web-site.

If you decide you want to meet someone you have contacted through PASSIONet, you may feel more comfortable to meet for the first time at one of the PASSIONet events that are listed in the 'Events' section of our web-site.

Save yourself the time and the disappointment that often follows from going to clubs, bars and pubs.

When you have a spare moment in your day, enjoy searching for that special someone on PASSIONet.

It's easy, safe and totally confidential.

The people listed with PASSIONet have something in common with you. They too are looking to meet that someone special.

By registering, you immediately increase your chances.
All you have to do is tap away at the keyboard.

Now..... get started, and you'll never look back.
If not now, then when????????

From all the team at PASSIONet, good luck with your search for companionship and love.
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