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Cupid Coupons

To purchase Cupids you must first become a member - you can register by clicking here

The only cost involved when using PASSIONet is the purchase of Cupid Coupons which are used to send personalised emails to members that you find interesting. It's the same as buying postage stamps to send mail through the post. Cupid Coupons include a FREE reply.

All prices are GST Inclusive
Book of 5 Cupid Coupons A$24.95
Book of 6 Cupid Coupons A$29.95
Book of 12 Cupid Coupons A$49.95
Book of 18 Cupid Coupons A$59.95
Book of 36 Cupid Coupons A$99.95

To purchase Cupid Coupons select the Buy Cupids button at the top of the screen
All Cupid Coupons are valid for a 4 month period.

Cupid Coupons are non-transferable and non-refundable.

You can send a Cupid Arrow to another member for FREE to establish if the other member might be receptive to receiving a personalised email from you.
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