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Setting up and managing your profile

Which of the PASSIONet services are free?

What is a Cupid Arrow?

How to buy PASSIONet Cupid Coupons

Internet dating tips

Setting up and managing your profile

Your personal PASSIONet registration information remains strictly confidential at all times.

The only information that other members will see will be your PASSIONet name and the profile information on page 2 of the joining questionnaire.

We ask for your date of birth to ensure that you are at least 18 years of age and not under the legal age limit.
Your email address will not be viewed by other members when corresponding through PASSIONet.

Be certain you do not have your email auto response activated, to ensure that members corresponding with you do not receive your email address.
Which of the PASSIONet services are free?
  • Creating your profile and the information for your ideal partner profile
  • Initial uploading of your photo (optional)
  • Sending and receiving Cupid Arrows
  • The reply to a personalised email
The only cost involved when using PASSIONet is the purchase of Cupid Coupons which are used to send personalised emails to members that you find interesting. It's the same as buying postage coupons to send mail through the post.
What is a Cupid Arrow?

You can send a Cupid Arrow to another member to express your interest.

Send a FREE "Cupid Arrow" email by selecting the Send Cupid Arrow link situated under the photo allocation area of the member you are interested in.

That member may reply with a Cupid Arrow email, which is also free of charge.

At this point, either of you can purchase a Cupid Coupon to write and send a personalised email.

To ensure that our members are not harassed, we have limited the number of Cupid Arrows a member can send to any one particular member, to a maximum of two.

You can also Block a Member who has emailed you. If you choose to block a member, the member will no longer be able to view your profile.

To Block a Member, select My Cupids and click on Cupids History at the top of the page. Check the box next to the PASSIONet member you wish to block. Then select the View option and click OK. This will take you to a screen which gives you the option of blocking this member.
How to buy Cupid Coupons

To purchase Cupid Coupons and/or find out how much they cost, log on as a member, click 'Cupid Coupons' (left hand menu) and click on Buy Cupids at the top of the page.

Cupid Coupons can be purchased in one of two ways:-

by credit card on-line

by cheque or money order - made payable to PASSIONet and posted to PO Box 323, ROZELLE 2039.

When you have purchased Cupid Coupons you can then send personalised emails.

To send a personalised email, select the Email Member link below the photo allocation area of the member you are interested in. You will then be prompted to create your email. Once you have completed the email, click Send. An email delivery confirmation will then be generated.

All emails sent to a member will be forwarded to them anonymously.

A list of all your emails sent and received (including replied to) will be recorded in.

To access your email correspondence list, log on as a member go to My Cupids and click Cupids History at the top of the page. To remain anonymous when sending emails to PASSIONet members it is important you ensure that any header information containing your name, email address or phone number, be removed from the body of the email.

Only reveal your name and personal details to another member, when you feel comfortable.

To make your first meeting more relaxed and comfortable the two of you may prefer to attend one of PASSIONet's many group events. If it's one of our dinners we would be more than happy to arrange for you to sit together.

Cupid Coupons have an expiry date and are non refundable and non transferable.

PASSIONet will send you a reminder about unused coupons 14 days before they expire. If you use these Cupid Coupons before they expire, replies will still be processed for up to four weeks after the day you use them.
Internet dating tips

Never include your email address, name or phone number in your Profile details.

Until you feel comfortable and safe, don't give out your real name, phone numbers or address details. PASSIONet provides a confidential way for you to correspond anonymous on-line. You wouldn't just give out your address or number to someone you've just met in a club, so don't do it on-line either.

Include a photo in your profile and your chances of meeting someone special increase. Include a photo in your profile and your chances of meeting someone special increase. If you would like a photo taken at one of our 'Photo Shoot Parties', go to 'Events' for the details of the next one.

Ask a friend to help you with your profile if you are not sure what to write. Run a spell check before submitting the profile.

If you are not receiving emails from other members review your profile. You can change it as often as you like.

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