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NINE dates in one night!

Wednesday 14th September

7pm start for 7.30pm sit-down

and 7.30pm for 8pm sit-down (your choice)

Dinner with 9 dates in one night (more details below)

For our multi-date dinner event,

we have the perfect venue at Northbridge (5 minutes from North Sydney)
Look at the discount and don’t miss out.

Middle Harbour Water Views


$49 per person

Discount - pay by 7th September only $44 per person

Dinner served Cocktail style to include:  

Smoked Salmon open sandwiches

Grilled Lamb Souvlakia (kebabs),

Homemade Spinach Pie

Grilled Chicken Souvlakia

Salt & Pepper Prawns (sauteed)

Homemade Cheese Pie

Salt & Pepper Baby Calamari

Baked Greek Meatbalsl and Potato Paprika

DESSERT, Coffee and Tea.


We guarantee to satisfy the most enormous hunger!

If you have specific dietary requirements please let us know.           

Have we enticed you?

Only if you like……….let's talk about the man or woman of your dreams.

All tables will be set for two.

Every 15 minutes you will move on to dine with someone new.

After one hour you will have 15 minute break.

Then back to your dates it is, again every 15 minutes changing tables.

It' now approximately 10.15pm and everone can mingle whilst having coffee and dessert. 

140 places available

phone or


We will ALWAYS REPLY to your e-mail,
if you DO NOT GET A REPLY to your e-mail CALL US!

Phone 9560 9366 - Mobile 0412 075 076


  We pride ourselves in putting in extra effort to make our events the best they can be.

Should you meet someone special on the night,

call us and we will happily express your interest.

Let's get together to RAVE,

whilst we slowly sip and not GUZZLE good wine

& GORGE ourselves with delicious food!!


Sofie & Peter

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